Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report!  It has been a crazy week this past week with all the lobster mobster’s in town, and the weather has been pretty windy.  Mother nature didn’t make it too easy on the divers this week, but just maybe that is her way of protecting her rodents!  There were plenty of “bugs” caught the past couple days for the annual lobster mini-season, but I am sure the oceanside got much more of a break than anticipated.

Offshore Fishing - MAHI MAHI!!! Looking Good!

Moving forward to the fishing, we were on the dock for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but the few who made it out managed to catch some mahi’s, so it looks like the fishing should be getting back to normal for the weekend.  The winds are subsiding a bit, and there should be some bait around, so let’s hope things all go to plan.  I don’t know of anyone who has been fishing since Monday, so I am going to leave the report for the week that I anticipate good mahi fishing for the weekend, and I am sure the tunas will be on the humps for you offshore maniacs!

Reef Fishing & Wreck Fishing... Likely to See Some Hungry Fish

As for the reef, I am sure they will be eating since they haven’t been fed any chum for a few days as long as there is some current to work with.

On That Note...

That’s all for this week, be safe!

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