Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report! 

Offshore Fishing - Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, & Swordfish

A pretty good week offshore all in all, as the mahi bite continues, and some larger fish are moving into the area.  It is a day to day game right now, as the fish are thicker some days than others, but getting enough for several dinners hasn’t been an issue.  Most everyone is getting at least a dozen or 15 per day, and some are finding nicer fish.  We went 7 trips in a row with at least one big bull each day, and had 15-20 other nice fish (if not more) to go with them. 

The tuna fishing has been decent on the humps as well, so the box has had some nice offshore variety to it.  Even a few wahoo on debris lately, so the mix has been nice.  Still some late season shakers around, and I mean really late from past years, but it is nice to see that the fish are making babies. 

The sword grounds have been hit or miss the past few weeks, but there have been a few nicer fish caught here and there.  This next moon should be the kickoff to the fall season, so we will see what that brings. 

Decent Reef Fishing & Wreck Fishing

The reef and wreck fishing has been decent too, but you really have to play the conditions.  The sharks have been pretty bad, but for the most part manageable if you know what you are doing. 

Pretty good fishing for the late summer so far, but still waiting on the mahi’s to ramp up a bit.  We will see! 

On That Note...

That is it for this week!  Be safe out there everyone!

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