Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report!  Another week has come and gone here in these beautiful Islands, and the wind continues to blow.  The weather forecast was much milder at the beginning of the week, and the forecast was to be calm, but that is a big no go for us.  A lot of rain and wind early in the week, but the sun came out midweek, and we are making the most of it.

Deep Sea Fishing - Decent Fishing

The fishing has been decent this week, but I wouldn’t say good.  Just enough to scrape by really, but we are still managing some great dinners and smiles so we will take it!  Things are looking up though as the wind starts to move around so we are excited to see if the weather report for the weekend actually happens.  Winds are forecast to be around 10 out of the South, so time will tell.  As for the fishing, just a little bit of everything around.

Wreck & Reef - A few Sailfish & Kings

The best of it is probably the Permit fishing on the wrecks as they are stacked up in the spawn.  Some Kingfish around, as well as a few Wahoo and Sailfish being caught up and down the reef.  The wrecks a producing a few nice Muttons and the reef top is yielding some Snappers and Ceros.  Nothing crazy anywhere really, but good enough until things pick up.  Bait fishing has been good, so this makes for some solid hope in the mornings, but we are blessed with more than we need so we are grateful!

On That Note...

Well, that is it for this week!  Check back next week for a new report and hopefully it will be on FIRE!

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