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What is the difference between a fishing charter and a fishing guide?

Generally speaking a fishing charter is a hired boat to take a group or groups of people out fishing. Whereas, a fishing guide is a person that is hired to take a group fishing and not only find the fish but also provide technical expertise and instruction to the client in finding the fish as well as how to fish for certain species, what bait to use, and how to use the equipment required. Most fishing charters are both charter and guide. The captains and crews of fishing charters are very experienced in all things fishing. They will not only find the fish but instruct you in how to hook them and land them.

The charter captains of the Florida Keys are some of the best fishing guides in the business. The charter captains of the Florida Keys Fishing Company out of Islamorada, Florida Keys are some of the best guides among them. They offer the very best boats and equipment there is and they have decades of knowledge and experience that goes unmatched. They put clients on the fish and share their knowledge and experience with them, ultimately helping them to hook and land their dream catch.

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