Capt. James Chappell and Capt. Ross DeMarzo

Captain James Chappell of  Catchalottafish Charters  and the Florida Keys Fishing Company has grown up fishing the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas, Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahamas.  As a native of the Florida keys, which is pretty much unheard of these days, he is very patient and persistent when it comes to putting his clients on their dream catch, and can pretty much do it all.  From the swordfish grounds out on the deep ledge, deep dropping for queen snappers, groupers, and tilefish, Kite fishing for sailfish, to the humps for Tunas and AJ’s, the offshore scene for Mahi-Mahi, the wrecks and reefs for giant groupers, mutton snappers, wahoo, and king mackerel, to the reefs edge for yellowtail and mangrove snappers, all the way into the bay for tarpon he can do it all.  Utilizing all of the techniques necessary to catch the biggest and most fish possible!  From live chumming to kite fishing, Capt. James has all the equipment and experience to ensure he gets it done!   As the owner of the Florida Keys Fishing Company, Capt. James has surrounded himself with Captains that are like minded in both expectations and results.  Each and every boat has the tools necessary to ensure you get the catch you have always dreamed of!

As an avid tournament Captain, which often lands in the winners circle, he will stop at nothing to make his customers happy.  The drive and determination he attains is the reason for the growth of the FLORIDA KEYS FISHING COMPANY and partners like PELAGIC, FREEMAN BOATWORKS, YAMAHA OUTBOARDS, SIMRAD YACHTING, SHIMANO FISHING, JL AUDIO, KRISTAL FISHING, DIAMOND FISHING PRODUCTS, MARSH TACKY CARBON, BASS PRO SHOPS, and several others that are arguably the best in the business.   James has been featured several times on National and European Networks from the Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel, World Fishing Network, ESPN Sports, Fox Sports, Fieldsports Britain, and the SUN network.  He has also written the offshore fishing reports for Florida Sportsman Magazine for the past 10 years!   Keep an eye out for Captain James and the CATCHALOTTAFISH for upcoming tournaments, TV shows, and magazine articles as you never know when or where he will show up!

In addition to Capt. James, Capt. Ross DeMarzo frequently takes the helm.  Capt. Ross is considered a “Captain’s Captain”.  Capt. Ross has been a Florida Keys resident since his teenage years and has paid his dues working and running boats out of Bud n’ Mary’s marina over the past 10 years.  Capt. Ross has been building quite the reputation for himself amongst the local fleet and consistently puts our clients on fish.  Capt. Ross was also featured on the TV show “Reel Rivals” as well, so he is sort of a “local celebrity” if you will (don’t let him know we said that)!  The bottom line is you get a professional captain every time, and equally important is a Captain that knows how to find and catch fish!

Captain Kieran “KIKI” Ferrer

Capt. Kieran “KIKI” Ferrer of All Lit Up Charters eats, sleeps, and breathes fishing. It is his sole purpose in life to produce the best catch possible. Where most charter boat captains want to go fishing; Capt. Kiki HAS to go fishing. He is super soft spoken, laid back, and easy going and is a true professional captain! His pure dedication to produce the best experience possible for you and your group is bar none. Capt. Kiki wanted to be a charter captain since he was 16, and is making that dream come true everyday here in beautiful Islamorada! Trust us in saying this, you will not have a bad experience with Capt. Kiki, as he has a long background of not only charter fishing, but commercial fishing.  Those “in the know” know that commercial fisherman often make the best charter fisherman as they have to catch fish to feed their families which is only a benefit to you the charter customer!  These guys are trained in knowing all the little tricks when conditions get tough, and pass that on to our customers on a daily basis.

Islamorada has some of the best fishing available whether on the reef or offshore.   Snappers and groupers of the reefs and wrecks, to mahi-mahi, tunas, wahoo, sailfish, and swordfish offshore. Capt.  Kiki is super knowledgeable of the surrounding waters so he will offer his best advice on what to do to ensure the best catch on your Islamorada fishing trip should be. He loves to make his customers feel involved on the trip. So don’t be scared to get your hands dirty with him. He isn’t the type of captain that likes to hook fish for you, as he genuinely wants you to be part team. You will be involved from the time the boat leaves the dock at the World Wide Sportsman, till the boat backs in the slip, and will be able to take home memories that will last a lifetime!

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