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Fishing in the Florida Bay and Gulf of Mexico is a very exciting and action packed experience! There are many different species we fish for in these areas including Groupers, Snappers, Mackerels, Cobia, Permit, many species of sharks and others. This type of fishing is generally done on anchor, but we will occasionally drift or sight fish for certain species. Due to the nature of the “green” or “dirtier” water, this type of fishing will present top water and sight fishing opportunities that are hard to find on the Atlantic side. One of the benefits to this particular trip is the vast area. Fisherman are spread out which keeps the fishing pressure to a minimum. This fishery also varies greatly based on conditions.

This type of fishery is often best during the cooler months of the year, and it is often a great place to fish with a hard East to Southeast wind during the winter months.

What can you say about fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Bay?

It is absolutely a spectacular place to fish. These locations are very unique to the Florida Keys, especially the middle and upper keys because of the lack of fishing pressure. This puts Islamorada in the Florida Keys right in the firing line of some incredible fishing. It is truly a site to see Groupers up to 500 lbs, and Cobia swimming all around the boat! Kingfish are as big as they come and can have Permit mixed right in there with them. Our fishing guides use many tactics that make deep sea fishing so exciting! We catch huge Kingfish, Cobia, and Sharks off the kite. Other methods include casting and drifting baits back on anchor or bottom fishing. We chum pretty heavily while fishing here too, as we are chunking and using block chum to draw the fish near.

You can see the huge red blobs on the depth sounder as the monster Goliath Groupers start to gather under the boat! It is one of the most active and exciting trips that we offer! In a single day, you can expect to catch Goliath Groupers, King Fish, Cobia, Sharks, Snappers, and Permit. Some of these come in and out with the season, but from December through May you can expect the majority of these fish to be present!

These fishing trips are typically longer; this is why there is a difference in the price and length of the charter but well worth it! You have never been worn out fishing like this trip will make you! You can count on it!

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