Some of the best Tarpon fishing in the world is right here in the Florida Keys.

Tarpon are found inshore and can be targeted on even the windiest days. This means that you will never have to cancel a trip due to heavy winds. Tarpon are commonly found living under bridges and in the deeper waters near shore channels on the bay and ocean sides of the islands.

Tarpon are a highly sought after sport fish which means that it is strictly a catch and release fishery. Tarpon in our area commonly range from 40-130 pounds and on rare occasions push the 200 pound mark!

Best time for Tarpon fishing

The evening hours before sunset are high feeding time for tarpon. This is when we most commonly target the species. This also means that you are almost guaranteed to witness a beautiful Florida Keys sunset while hopefully battling your fish of a lifetime!

Tarpon fishing is a laid back fishery; you are typically anchored up or drifting slowly. This is also a great choice for anglers who might be new to the sport and are looking for big fish close to home. We often encounter large sharks and even the occasional Sawfish during these trips which will surely create a memory that you will never forget!

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