There are an incredible number of species available to fish for that are found along the reefs and wrecks off Islamorada. The really great part is that you are typically fishing for multiple species at one time. Typical fish found in these areas are Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton and Mangrove Snapper, Amberjack, multiple species of Sharks, Red, Black, Gag, and Goliath Groupers, as well as Wahoo, King Mackerel, and Sailfish just to name a handful.

Reef and wreck fishing here in the Florida Keys is nothing short of spectacular!  This is without a doubt one of the most popular trips we do, and often yields the best variety of eating fish for the dinner table.

What sets us apart...

FLORIDA KEYS FISHING COMPANY’s Captains have built a reputation for being some of the best bottom fisherman found anywhere in the Florida Keys. We know what types of bait to use at certain times of the year, when live bait, dead bait, or artificial lures work best, and most importantly  how to get them to bite in adverse conditions. We have spent countless hours fishing for these magnificent creatures, and have come to know them, and their habits, extremely well.  

There are several different fishing styles used to target these fish, and different depths throughout certain times of the year that we know are best.  Simply put, we know where they live.  As the seasons, currents, tides, water temperatures, water quality, and solunar phases change we will change our methods as well. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards for targeting one specific type, but more times than not we can get them to bite! 

Reef fishing

When reef fishing (30-100 ft of water) we will typically anchor up and establish a chum slick. Yellowtail Snapper rise up into the middle or top of the water column, and are typically found in schools of hundreds or sometimes even thousands of fish. This fish are caught by free lining or drifting small pieces of cut bait through the chum slick slowly sinking towards the bottom. Mutton and Mangrove Snapper, as well as all species of the shallow water Grouper complex, are living on or very near the bottom. These fish are targeted by using live, dead,  or artificial baits on a fluorocarbon leader.

Wreck fishing

On the wrecks is where you find even more of the snappers and groupers we will target, as well as several species of tunas, jacks, mackerel, wahoo, and sharks.  Wreck fishing is a very exciting type of fishing, as it has the ability to be very visual with live chumming, and with a great variety of game fish and table fare!  This type of fishing is generally done either drifting or on the anchor.  Depending on the condition we would encounter on that particular day will determine what method we choose to fish for them.

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