Experience Year-Round Swordfishing in Islamorada with Optimal Conditions and Impressive Catches!

Swordfishing is full contact fishing!

You are in a full harness and attached to the rod in the stand up position! No chairs here! This is man against the “Prince of Darkness” (Swordfish’s Nickname) in a stand-up, straight up battle! These fish can take you deep or stay on top. The second you get cocky, they will show you why they are nicknamed the “Prince of Darkness”. They will sound on you so fast that you will pray to get line back on the reel! It is an amazing sight to see!  Some anglers choose to fight them the entire time with the electric reel. This is because a lot of anglers choose not to reel in a mile of line. Either way, we have you covered.  It is entirely up to the angler how he or she chooses to battle these incredible animals.  For those that are attempting to complete one of the prestigious “slams”, we are prepared for breakaway leads with traditional conventional tackle as well.  Just make sure your Captain knows ahead of time what you desire, and he will make sure you have what you need.

The Catch

A lot of the fish we catch are on electric reels, so if you are not interested in cranking line from 1600′ of water, then we have you covered.  Some people still like to fight the fish on stand up tackle, while a lot like to “hit the button”.  Some prefer to do a little of both. This is done by letting the electric reel bring up the lead, which is about 150′ away from the hook, and then they go into stand up battle mode.  A lot of the larger fish we catch will swim the lead up to the surface allowing us to remove the lead and quite possibly even get a shot at them with the harpoon.  Most will swim up to the surface, make a jump or 2, and then sound back to 400′ to 800′. That is when the battle begins. They can also stay down and dirty the entire time, and then go crazy at the surface.  Just about anything you can imagine can happen with Swordfish.  These fish are extremely unpredictable, and will basically do whatever they want unless they get in harpoon range by accident.  There is no fish alive that has the attitude of the mighty swordfish, and the kill is the ultimate thrill!

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