Wreck Fishing Charter Trips in Islamorada

Our Islamorada wreck fishing charters are true professionals. They know the hottest wrecks to fish in the Florida Keys. There are a thousand wrecks throughout the Florida Keys, and dozens around Islamorada alone, so knowing which ones are producing fish makes all the difference.

Barracuda caught while wreck fishing on charter fishing trip in islamorada
Wreck fishing trip picture of fish caught

Islamorada Wreck Fishing

The Florida Keys are home to multiple ship wrecks. There are estimated to be more than 1000 ship wrecks in and around the Florida Keys. These wrecks act as artificial reefs, drawing in a variety of fish species and other sea life. People come from all over the world to dive and fish around these amazing wrecks.

Some of the more popular wrecks include, but are certainly not limited to, the Eagle Wreck just off of Islamorada, the Thunderbolt Wreck located in the Marathon area, the Spiegel Grove in Key Largo, and the Vandenberg of Key West. The abundance of life on these wrecks makes for an awesome display of nature at its best. The scene of so many different species co-existing in one environment is a view not soon forgotten. Also, the fishing around the wrecks is always busy and abundant. With such a diverse array of game fish species, you can’t go wrong fishing these under water structures.

Many fishermen come from around the world ready to do battle with the abundance and variety fish species they will certainly encounter. The wrecks around Islamorada in the Florida Keys provide great structure and environment for multiple game fish species. These include Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, and Red Snapper as well as multiple species of Grouper like Black Grouper and Gag Grouper. These waters also have Permit, Barracuda, Amberjack, Wahoos, Kings, and multiple species of shark. You may even run into the occasional Mahi, Tuna, or Sailfish. With wreck fishing, there is something to bring excitement for every sort of angler.

Wreck fishing is a very exciting type of fishing, but it is also very technical. It has a tendency to be very visual and involves the use of many tactics including live chumming, live bait, dead bait, and artificial lures.  Of course, that is what you get with such a great variety of game fish and table fare!  This type of fishing is generally done either drifting or on anchor, but the methods used vary from day to day and from species to species. The best thing to do if heading to the Florida Keys on a fishing expedition is to hire a professional fishing charter.

The Florida Keys Fishing Company out of Islamorada offers many different fishing experiences. Yes! We do fish the amazing wrecks around the Keys. Our boats…The Catchalottafish & All Lit Up are set-up for many types of fishing including reef & wreck fishing. Our captains have decades of experience between them to put you on the fish every time!

Types of Fish Found on the Wrecks in Islamorada

king mackerel aka kingfish - Islamorada in the Florida-Keys


King Mackerel measure around 19-35 inches in length. They have been caught over 70 inches and nearly 100 pounds. The Florida record is 90 pounds. They are a highly sought-after game fish in the Florida Keys.

Description: The color of their back is an iridescent bluish green; sides silvery, streamlined body with tapered head; no black pigment on front of dorsal fin; lateral line starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin; young fish often have yellow spots like those of the Spanish mackerel.

Similar Fish: cero, S. regalis; Spanish mackerel, S. maculatus.

Other names: King Mackerel

Where found: NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE, occasionally taken from piers running into deep water.

Size: common to 20 pounds.

*Florida Record: 90 lbs.

Remarks: Kings are a schooling fish that migrates from south Florida waters in winter to more northerly waters in spring. The Gulf population thought to be separate from Atlantic population, with considerable mixing in winter from Cape Canaveral past Key West. They spawn in midsummer offshore and feed on small fish and squid.

Blackfin Tuna - Islamorada in the Florida-Keys

Blackfin Tuna

The Blackfin Tuna grows to a maximum of around 45 pounds and 3 1/2 feet long. Blackfin are often found with Skipjack Tuna over reefs, around wrecks, and in the Gulf of Mexico as well as offshore.

Science Name: Thunnus atlanticus

Other Names: blackfin Ideal Temp: 65 to 75

World Record: 49 lbs. 8 ounces, Marathon, Florida Keys.

Environment: offshore

Techniques: medium tackle, trolling, live baiting

Blackfin Tuna, red snapper, & more - wreck fishing in Islamorada in the Florida-Keys
Blackfin Tuna, red snapper, & more - wreck fishing in Islamorada in the Florida-Keys
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